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We purchase our supplies from various sources throughout the United States and Canada. From our leather vendors, to the lady who has the kangaroo lace, to our hardware people, we try to design unique personal and home accessories. Everything is made in our shop, by hand.

Because leather is a natural product, there are a lot of variations in texture and finish. No two pieces will be alike, even if they are made from the same piece of leather. Leather will also wear well. We select the type of leather that will live with you for a very long time.

We hand select our leather to get the very best pieces for our designs. This helps create a unique product. Leather also takes finishes (dyes) differently. It tools differently. Sometimes I will have to make a custom design a couple of times because I’m not happy how the design tooled out or how the color appears. This is all part of our process and why we set a time frame to our projects. We need the time to get it right for you.

We are also constantly trying new designs. For example, cell phone styles are changing constantly. We have some "antique" cell phone cases (i.e. flip phones -- remember them?). This keeps us coming up with new case designs and styles. My husband is currently working on a “redneck can koosie”. You’ll have to stop back to see it in progress.

Custom Orders


We work with you to customize a product that will fit your lifestyle. When you place your custom order, you are invited to choose the design that makes it unique, choose the size, and choose the finishes and hardware. We work together to get you what you want.

Depending on what we're building for you, you could have something in a couple of weeks (i.e. bracelet) to four months (i.e. custom purse, completely tooled and laced). We try really hard to give you something quickly so that you can enjoy it for a very long time. There are many variables when making a custom project. Time, materials, and cost are the main variables. The more custom you want an item, the more time and cost is involved. 

We work with you to select size, color, the design elements, and hardware.

We then give you a quote and estimated time frame so that you know, up front, how long it will take and the cost. Once the design is agreed upon and we’ve received your deposit, we start the work on your custom project.

Our turnaround time varies depending on what other projects are ahead of yours, the complexity of the project, and events we’re attending. We don’t take a deposit until we’re ready to start working on your custom project. 

We request 50% down payment and then the remaining 50% (+ shipping) at completion. We will keep you in the loop during the entire process. We’ll send you pictures as the project progresses. When you receive your custom leather item, you will be able to tell others about how it was made!

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